If you’re envisioning a unique art piece to elevate your living space or to gift a loved one with something truly special, look no further! I specialize in crafting custom art that reflects your individual style and preferences. From paintings that capture your favorite memories to personalized designs adorning various merchandise, the possibilities are endless.

Not quite sure where to start? I’m here to guide you every step of the way, drawing inspiration from your ideas, photos, or even a mood you’d like to convey.

Email about your ideas!

The cost is determined by the complexity of the work and number of labour hours required. Feel free to send me an email to get a quote~

If you’re considering featuring any of my paintings, whether they’re original pieces or customized creations, on merchandise for sale, you’ve come to the right place! However, to ensure that all parties are properly compensated for their creative contributions, an additional licensing agreement or royalty payment plan will be necessary. As Serene Illustrations, I maintain the rights to all images produced. Please let me know in an email if you’re interested in learning more!

The custom digital illustration service exclusively provides digital copies, allowing you the flexibility to print your artwork at any size of your choosing on your own (for non commercial purposes). I do not offer printing services for custom digital paintings, but affordable options are available at your local printer once your custom painting is completed.

If you would like a handmade, physical painting, my custom watercolour paintings are a lovely option!

1. After the price and been agreed upon, commissions require a 100% up front payment. A custom link will be sent to you for payment on this website. (To avoid scammers, no cheques will be accepted as a form of payment)

2. After your payment is made, I will send you a rough sketch of my artistic interpretation of your concept. This will be a very rough sketch of your painting for you to get an idea of the layout. The final painting will be much more detailed. You will have to approve the sketch before I move on. (90% of your payment is refundable if you do not want to move forward from this point)

Example of rough sketch from a prior custom order

3. After the rough sketch has been approved, I will create a color mockup to give you an idea of the colors I will be using. You will have to approve the color mockup before I move on. (80% of your payment is refundable if you do not want to move forward from this point)

Example of color mockup from a prior custom order

4. Upon approval of your color mockup, I will begin your custom piece. (Once you have approved your color mockup, your order is non-refundable)

5. Once the piece has been completed, I will email a photo of your artwork and allow 2-3 revisions as needed based on the initial requirements of the order and the approved color mockup. Any additional changes outside of this scope will be subject to a small fee starting at $25 depending on complexity.

Example of final painting from a prior custom order

6. When the order has been finalized, your painting sent via WeTransfer within 1-2 business days.

Ready to purchase a custom painting or looking for a quote? Email about your ideas!

$ United States (US) dollar