Serene Illustrations

“…They were never alone; fighting this fight.
Though sometimes it seemed it, late in the night.

While he stood silent alone on her wall
She shared in his fate, with his just as tall.
Through time and through space their song always rings.
Until, together, their butterflies sing.

The storm, it breaks, the walls fall anyway.
As the demons cower; all run away.

The dark minions have left; quick as a herd.
The screaming it stops. And the gale subsides
Until the only thing left to be heard,
Was The battle cry of the butterflies.”

This is an original 9×12″ acrylic canvas painting.

Prints and other merchandise for this are available in my Shop.

DSC_9878-1-scaled.jpg 90011.jpg DSC_9878-1_mockup_Person_Person_8x10.jpg cover-wall.jpg