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Posted on November 21, 2017 by Serene on Personal

What I’ve learned after 2 years of Serene Illustrations

Hurray! Huzzah! The 2 year anniversary of Serene Illustrations just passed not too long ago. To commemorate, I thought I’d share the 2 most important lessons I’ve learned on this journey:

1.) I have a ridiculous long way to go.

As satisfied as I seem to be with my finished art pieces, I know I am capable of doing better. I believe in continual learning and development at every single stage in life and every level of skill. The world is an explosion of information. There’s an endless pool of new styles, mediums, techniques to try, and a gazillion different people to learn from.

2.) Comparison is toxic.

How well everyone else is doing does not define your worth or your capabilities.. You can’t control how good other people are. You also can’t control how good you are. No one can truly predict if someone will become successful. The only thing that any of us can control in this life is the investment we make into something; the work we put in. The outcome is not up to us. So we need to stop thinking about the outcome and focus on the effort we’re making.

Whatever you want in life, there’s probably ten thousand people out there who want the same exact thing just as bad, if not more, than you. Every time you go binge watching Game of Thrones or post pictures of what food you’re eating, there’s someone out there who is not doing those things and working hard for what they want.

I want to create a behavior change for myself to always strive to create better art, and more importantly, strive to be great. This is why I want to introduce Finished Not Perfect (inspired by Jake Parker), a new collection of original artworks . The focus of this project is to purely create from my chaotic ideas from start to finish. Finishing something that is not perfect is way more important than having something that is perfect but not finished. My goal is to create at least 100 unique pieces, and challenge my technical and creative ability. I’ll be giving away these original one-of-a-kind pieces for free* on my social media platforms exclusively to my followers sporadically. As you may already know, I constantly do giveaways because nothing brings me more joy than to see someone else enjoying something I’ve created. Art can get expensive, so this is just another way for people to enjoy it without breaking the bank 🙂

I want to go to sleep every night and be able to say, “Nobody worked harder than me today”. So I’m going to keep up the grind!

If you’ve been keeping tabs on my growth, thank you so so so much. I’m eternally grateful for the support.

– Serene

*A small flat rate worldwide shipping is applicable. Unfortunately, it would get really expensive for me to ship out 100 free prints, so the cost of shipping is the only thing I’m asking the winners of the giveaway to cover.

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