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Vincent W. Toronto, Canada
The painting is awesome  

Serene was great to work with. I provided examples of my desired style and context of the subject and we worked together to make final refinements. The painting is awesome.

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Jason I. Toronto, Canada
A Story of Solitude  

I asked serene to replicate 3 unique album artworks that each rePresent songs from my favorite musician. Each Image Has a Special story, and Serene CAPTURED THAT. They look perfect side by side and I couldnt be more happy to have these Above my piano ????

Thanks again !

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Anees R. Toronto, Canada
Epic paintings  

Requested from Serene to make me a batman and joker portrait in a unique style. Not only did she deliver, but she exceeded my expectations. She has the skill and the creativity to make amazing paintings. Definitely my go to person if I ever want to get anything painted again in the future. Thank you Serene for the amazing work!!!

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May S. California, USA
Perfect for my living room  

I loved the sunset that Serene Illustrations painted for me. It's exactly what I hoped for and more! The process was very clear and efficient, and I'm pleased that this was completed much earlier than I expected. She took extra care to make sure the painting was exactly what I imagined. Thank you for the painting!

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Amanda R. Toronto
Perfect Addition to My Collection  

Serene is great to work with! Very happy with my custom canvas paintings.

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Nishita A. Toronto, Canada
Loved it!  

Super super excited on receiving my Toronto memorabilia!! Got it just as I wanted it (actually, even better than what I had in mind) and received it in my mail in the blink of an eye! Thank you so much Serene Illustrations for giving me the perfect token of Toronto to take back with me to India!

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Anonymous Toronto

I had a request to have my cat as a wizard casting a spell, and Serene did it amazingly! Thank you

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Muriah Markham
Witchay Baby  

Kaila loves her Witchay Baby casting a spell in her cauldren in the forest! She even has it on her iPad background now. Many thanks!

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Andy W. Toronto, Canada
Beautiful capture of memories  

Serene did an amazing job despite my vague instructions and expectations, and ended up making a more beautiful imagining of the adventures my partner and I have embarked upon this past year than I could have imagined myself. She was able to create the idea and painting surprisingly quickly, making the process both seamless and fun as she gave mockups and updates along the way. My partner and I are in love with the painting Serene has made for us and the love it captures!

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Tom D. Sydney, Australia
Amazing Work!  

Process was quick and easy! I was surprised at how swiftly the 'prototype' was made and how easily any requests I had were incorporated into the painting.

Also, the painting was very good

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Anonymous Toronto
My Pets and My Tradition Combined  

I asked Serene to paint my birdy and dog dressed in traditional Filipino attire. I cannot be happier with the result! Thank you so much

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Janice L. Toronto, Canada
Mesmerized! LOVE IT!  

Serene has a very distinctive talent for manifesting these intricate fantasy worlds. And no matter how many times I fondly look at this painting, I always find a new detail to be astounded by. Whether it’s the beautiful colours, the glimmers, or the little one pixel sized definitions- I guarantee you’ll be beyond satisfied with her work. As a painter myself, I will always wonder just how she does what she does. Love love love my personalized little piece of home to take with me to Florida.

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King Y. Hong Kong

The colours are so vibrant. I love this painting!

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Ivy M. Toronto, Canada
Amazing Quality and Service  

I ordered a custom painting from Seren with a mere 2 days of notice. with such a short notice, she still managed to deliver a high-quality painting. Her service is impeccable and her talent is world-class.

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Alison L. Toronto

Serene is a wonderful artist! She painted my cat who passed away, and it was such a perfect rendering I cried when I saw it. I shall treasure her artwork forever.

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Lyana S. Toronto, Canada
Speed and Quality  

I gave Serene a rough idea for my piece, open for her interpretation. She was very quick to put together a draft and explained the color palette she had in mind. before i knew it, the final product was ready and shipped to my address. the whole process was fast and professional, very impressed!

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Ryan Y. Reykjavík, Iceland

I wanted a small print of the puffins I saw on my trip to Iceland. Serene did a great job capturing the mascots of the country. I absolutely love adorable they turned out. Thank you!!

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Kain736 Alabama
Excellent Job  

Serene painted a picture of my mother riding a dolphin and I love it