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Posted on May 20, 2016 by Serene on Personal

How I got inspired to start Serene Illustrations

Suits and playing with numbers, I’ve grown to enjoy it all. Business is great, don’t get me wrong, but I always had dreams of opening my own art studio or store. Art was something that I was always passionate about but put on the back burner because I felt the need to wait until “the right time” to pursue it. I was under the assumption that the moment would feel right once I got my life together; this essentially refers to the moment I stabilize my career, obtain a steady flow of income, or find the time to do it (I’m sure you’ve heard of a similar list before). The thing about people waiting for the “the right time” to do something is that they have no idea when exactly that is. It’s like very vaguely saying that you’ll do something “someday” while subconsciously knowing that day may never actually come.

I was pretty much setting myself up for perpetual procrastination until someone close to me at the time inspired me. Since he was a teen, he created businesses out of nothing and found ways to do what he loved in unconventional ways. Common reasons people used for why they didn’t do what he did were never limitations in his eyes. He accomplished so much not because he had his life together before everyone else, but because he was self-motivated. He truly believed he could do everything he wanted to do.

Seeing this made me wonder why I was under the impression that I couldn’t accomplish anything yet. The lack of time and resources were ones were fun favorites. The idea that I had more important things that I should be focusing on was also one I threw around commonly. I realized that these were all excuses that I fed myself to compensate my lack of direction. Realistically, future Serene 30 years from now, who would have her “life figured out”, would probably use the same excuses (or use new ones) for why it’s not the “right time”. I recognized that the underlying reason why I kept putting it off was because the idea of starting something from the ground up was, quite frankly, scary. Where would I even begin? What if no one likes my stuff? What if my content never reaches anyone?

It’s natural to be risk adverse and find satisfaction in places that are comfortable, where things feel safe. Sitting idle, twiddling your thumbs and do nothing is literally the most comfortable position you could be in. Putting yourself out there meant taking the risk of diving into an unknown territory and opening up to the potential for failure. What I realized was that just because it was intimidating, it didn’t mean it was ridiculously hard or entirely undoable. This dream of mine became something that didn’t have to happen “someday”, it could happen “now” if I really wanted it.

That realization inspired me to formulate direction for my dreams. I made a plan of what I needed and did my research. I made connections with people doing better than me and obtained information on how to make this idea into a reality. Now here we are at the one year mark of Serene Illustrations. It’s nothing extravagant, but it’s one small potato that I’m more than happy with. I’m inspired to do more, and will continue to be inspired because I know I can do it.

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