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Posted on July 8, 2016 by Serene on Behind the Scenes

BTS: Under the Sea

Under the Sea. Haha, get it?

“Wait.. Serene, this looks like a spinoff of another painting you’ve made.” I won’t lie, I was craving to paint something similar to Hideaway for the Imaginative. Something about that painting just always feels like home to me. Since Hideaway for the Imaginative was done back in 2012, I wanted use the experiences and skills that I’ve accumulated over the last 4 years to create something under a similar concept.

Photo 2016-07-07, 6 19 12 PM

Initial Sketch

After my initial sketch, I realized it was waaaay too similar. Everything from the symmetry of positioning of the tree to the split perspective of the sky was mimicked. I knew had to rack my brain for some new creativity and revamp my sketch a little.


Revised Sketch

That’s a little bit better.

I know perspective is something I’m definitely weak in. This painting tested my understanding of this concept a little because creating anything involving infrastructure must be accurate. Designing free flowing things, like trees, are easy because you can manipulate it any way you want and it can still be considered justifiable. Infrastructure, on the other hand, must be designed correctly. There are invisible lines of perspective you must follow based on where the viewer is looking from, or it won’t make sense realistically. Seeing that buildings are a bit of a challenge for me (and anything that requires a straight line, to be honest), I’m definitely planning to challenge myself in the future by painting more structured items.

Three seasons of Agents of Shield later…


IMG_3257 IMG_3303 IMG_3304  IMG_3353 IMG_3360



Final Product

I think I did Hideaway for the Imaginative some justice.

– Serene

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