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Posted on November 5, 2017 by Serene on Behind the Scenes

BTS: The Night Shift

This is probably the most whimsical painting I’ve done to date. If you’re familiar with my painting style, you’ll recognize that I sometimes enjoy mixing underlying touches of darkness with surrealism. Little kids being carried by little fluffy sheep among cotton candy clouds is  probably the farthest thing from dark.

When I was brainstorming this, I was craving the simplicity and innocence that disappears after childhood. When we grow up, we become complicated creatures full of quirks and secrets. Adults believe in concrete facts and math; that there’s scientific explanations to why the earth orbits the sun. Children believe in Santa and fantasize their own theories on why stars sparkle on some nights and don’t on others.

I think we all revert to a state of childhood when we sleep. We can do no wrong and are unconscious of life. We’re free to dream of a zoo of entertainingly exotic creatures and forget about human predicaments. If we caught sprinkling stars, riding on the sheep we count before we sleep, no explanation is required. It just makes sense.


Initial Sketch


Revised Sketch


Final Sketch


– Serene

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