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Posted on October 8, 2016 by Serene on Behind the Scenes, Custom Artwork

BTS: The Moon and the Yew Tree

“I have fallen a long way. Clouds are flowering
Blue and mystical over the face of the stars
Inside the church, the saints will all be blue,
Floating on their delicate feet over the cold pews,
Their hands and faces stiff with holiness.
The moon sees nothing of this. She is bald and wild.
And the message of the yew tree is blackness – blackness and silence.”
– The Moon and the Yew Tree, Sylvia Plath

This is a custom painting I did for a customer inspired by the poem above. It’s about a melancholic state of mind that is unable to comprehend the so many alluring sights around its surroundings because of a dwelling pain and grief. I had so much fun putting my own spin on such a beautiful poem. Check out the behind the scenes for it!


Initial Sketch


Colour Mock Up of Initial Sketch (Done on Photoshop)

img_4250 img_4272

img_4279 img_4323


Final Product

– Serene

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