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Posted on April 18, 2016 by Serene on Behind the Scenes

BTS: Ironing Out Thoughts

Soooo this is different. Fantasy landscapes are my favorite to paint, but every once in awhile I’ll feel the need to create something… darker.

Gothic or macabre styles of painting were my favorite to paint back when I was in high school. It turned out this style was not exactly everyone’s cup of tea (surprise surprise), which was partially the reason why majority of my pieces back then never made it up on my living room wall.

Similar to Solace in Silence, I knew this piece would stick out like sore thumb in comparison to the others so I was debating if I should even turn it into a painting to begin with. I’m glad I decided “ahh fuck it” because this turned into one of my favorites.

Here’s some behind the scenes!

Initial Sketch

Initial Sketch

IMG_2663 IMG_2748 IMG_2826 IMG_2973 IMG_2991 IMG_3059


Final Product

This is what happens when you take an idiom too literally.

– Serene

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