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Posted on April 5, 2016 by Serene on Behind the Scenes

BTS: Her Favorite Swing

I had one of those weird weeks back in August where I had a lot planned out but nothing actually went through. I’m pretty sure my co-workers imagined my week looking like


Regardless, it was the perfect excuse to start on a new piece and binge paint.

Here’s a little behind the scene doodles:


First sketch


Second sketch

Since I had a fair bit of time, this piece was completed relatively quickly in comparison to my other original paintings. “Friends”, the TV series, was playing in the background the entire time… which was practically the same thing as having friends in my house (… right?)

I’m not embarassed to say that just from this piece alone I finished 3 seasons.


3 seasons of “Friends” later…”Her Favorite Swing” was born! This piece is now one of my favorites.

Final product

Someone asked me awhile back what my “story” was behind this painting. Since I’ve never been great at using words, it makes it difficult for me to explain my inspirations. If I made the attempt to slap a description on all my paintings, I know I would never be fully satisfied with it. I rather have people interpret my paintings how they want to interpret it.

Maybe someone will think the painting portrays fearlessness because the girl looks so relaxed dangling over lava. Maybe another will think the tone more whimsical because the trees look inhabited and the girl looks like she’s enjoying the view. Neither one is more right than the other.

In all my art pieces, I focus on capturing a feeling or a thought I have at a particular point in time. This painting has a special story and meaning that is meant just for me to understand. With that said, I hope people will create their own story from this picture, and hopefully that version will mean something special to them.

– Serene

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